“Aren’t You Embarrassed?” On CRE8

Happy to see this get up on the CRE8 website. Shortly I’ll post the original ending, which had a more ‘letter-to-the-editor’ type vibe. Everything on CRE8 is original, we just chopped off the end.

2 thoughts on ““Aren’t You Embarrassed?” On CRE8

  1. Hey, Tim.
    Saddened by your article, but it was very well written. I was surprised to see such racism happening so recently in our own state of Minnesota. I attend a state university, and I’m doing a diversity project on Native Americans and their leisure / recreation opportunities here. May I have permission to quote your article in this paper?
    – Ellyn


    1. Hi, Ellyn!
      Thanks so much for reading, and it is definitely fine for you to quote the article. Hopefully things will get better, and thanks for the work that you’re doing.



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